August 4, 2020
Silicon Valley Business Journal

Silicon Valley Business Journal has recognized our own Natasha Venzon in the 2020 class of Women of Influence

Congratulations to our TEAMWRKX Facilities President, and mentor, Natasha Venzon, 2020 Women of Influence honoree.

Natasha’s entrepreneurial niche is business incubation. The clients and families of TEAMWRKX Facilities and Rossinca Heritage School pay tribute to the leadership, dedication and contribution that women offer to the achievements in our industries. Confidence, passion, innovation, empathy, perseverance, all with integrity, are key attributes of our President, Natasha Venzon, and the amazing women on her TEAMS. “Wellspan + Education = Spiritual LifeTM” embodies her global core values in all organizations she founds and leads.

“Thank You to these Extraordinary Women whose passion, strength and dedication influence our path to success!”

Natasha Venzon, President


Kimberly has been with TEAMWRKX and Rossinca since inception. Primarily acting as Controller, she is an integral management leader in all matters accounting and financial planning. Kimberly coordinates all statistical reporting to management and banking institutions, facilitates non-profit oversight, maintains banking and credit lines, and works seamlessly with CPAs to conduct audits, prepare financial reports, and empowers the management teams daily to sustainably reach all goals.


Alexandra is the Business Manager of Rossinca Heritage School and leads exploration in Russian literature. Along with a Bachelors Degree in Business, she unites Rossinca educators and administrators with the Parent Community domestically and internationally to provide sustainable education resourcing. This enables teachers around the world to both grow and develop professionally with each student, connecting through one’s inner child. Indeed, her multidisciplinary skills enable us in “Nurturing the Renaissance Child.®”


Yulia is a Co-Founder and the Director of Rossinca Heritage School USA. She also coordinates all after-school and Saturday programming and is a leading Russian language teacher. Her Masters degrees in both Education and Business complement Yulia’s expertise in contemporary pedagogy. She continuously innovates and implements international methodologies that teach children to seek collaborative understanding. “Cultural Understanding + Sharing = Peace.®”

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