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TEAMWRKX Facilities is your outsourced, highly trained IT/AV department.

IT/AV has its own unique, cutting-edge demands, which we know well. These include video conferencing, data networking, technical support, audio installation, recording and broadcasting, and security and surveillance. TEAMWRKX Facilities provides an outsourced service solution for customers that require full-time audio-visual (AV) staff to support business meetings and corporate presentations.

Areas of Expertise
  • Conference Room Meeting Set-up and Configuration
  • Support Digital Media Systems to include Cisco, Microsoft Teams, and Other Platforms
  • Zoom and Web-Ex Room Kits
  • Manage AV Equipment, Mixers, Sound, Televisions, Projectors
  • Technical Support Troubleshooting
  • Customer Engagement
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My team has worked with TEAMWRKX on many projects that have been key to the performance of our business. These projects have ranged in size and complexity from bathroom renovations to installation of validated compressed air systems to installation audiovisual systems. TEAMWRKX has always been professional, knowledgeable, flexible and collaborative. They complete their projects on time and in a safe manner. Additionally, they have been incredibly supportive during the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to continuing to work with TEAMWRKX on future projects.

Bruce Smith, Facilities Manager
Abbott Laboratories