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Subcontractors are teammates. We welcome new partners who expand our offerings.

Our subcontractors are integral to TEAMWRKX’ success.  We can’t do it alone.  We have processes to assist us in finding the best subcontractor partners and teammates, so that together we can not only achieve, but rather exceed, our Client’s visions, goals and objectives for their projects.

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Our highly trained Accounting teammates are always available to answer questions you have. Accounting manages accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting and liens.

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Interested in getting onto our bid list? Please use the form to the right to receive our Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Packet. Once submitted, an email will be sent to you for instant access to our Subcontractor Forms along with instructions on how to submit your completed forms.

All of TEAMWRKX Facilities’ Subcontractor forms are fillable PDF’s; making it easier to electronically submit your forms and reduce the use of paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does TEAMWRKX offer Early Pay DISCOUNTS on its projects?
Will TEAMWRKX consider lower INSURANCE requirements for specific projects and/or in general?
In which trades does TEAMWRKX require that the Subcontractor be UNION?
Does TEAMWRKX PARTNER with Subcontractors on specific projects?
Will TEAMWRKX consider funding DEPOSITS or ADVANCES on specific projects?
Who do we contact in the event of an EMERGENCY or SAFETY EVENT?
Who do we contact should we have GENERAL QUESTIONS concerning our relationship with TEAMWRKX?
Does TEAMWRKX require Subcontractor BONDING on their projects?
What COVID PROTOCOLS is TEAMWRKX currently using on their projects and what is the impact on Subcontractors?
Does TEAMWRKX utilize any special software APPLICATIONS on its projects that Subcontractors would be required to utilize?
What is TEAMWRKX' typical PAYMENT TERMS on its projects?