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We see every project from our clients’ perspective offering cleaning to complete building care. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and a five-star customer satisfaction experience.

TEAMWRKX Facilities provided us with a price competitive and effective solutions in delivering key services to Walmart eCommerce. They made our transition seamless allowing us to retain key staff and fill vacancies in a short period of time. TEAMWRKX Facilities provided services without any interruptions in workflow. I would highly recommend TEAMWRKX Facilities for their capacity to deliver exceptional service, stakeholder engagement and always having a customer service mindset first. We were very pleased with their performance!

TEAMWRKX Facilities is an honest and reliable, always professional and get projects done in a timely manner, keeping us informed all along the way. TEAMWRKX Facilities converted our interior lights to energy-efficient LED lighting. They are our “go to company” when it comes to our facility improvements and upgrades. We expect to continue working with TEAMWRKX Facilities for many more years.

I had the pleasure to work with TEAMWRKX for our both construction and facilities needs. TEAMWRKX is a strong advocate for their client’s interests. TEAMWRKX keeps our projects on time and within budget. TEAMWRKX managers are team players, exceptional leaders, negotiators and open communicators. I am extremely confident in the highest quality of work from TEAMWRKX.

My team has worked with TEAMWRKX on many projects that have been key to the performance of our business. These projects have ranged in size and complexity from bathroom renovations to installation of validated compressed air systems to installation audiovisual systems. TEAMWRKX has always been professional, knowledgeable, flexible and collaborative. They complete their projects on time and in a safe manner. Additionally, they have been incredibly supportive during the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to continuing to work with TEAMWRKX on future projects.

TEAMWRKX is one of the elite commercial contractors in the Bay Area that our brokerage has had the pleasure of doing business with for close to a decade. We’ve been through hundreds of projects with them and thousands of projects throughout the Bay Area with other contractors – General Contractors and Subcontractors, alike. Their safety culture is one of the best I’ve seen and that is corroborated by their low Experience Modification Factor, low insurance rates and high bonding capacity & low bonding rates. It is truly a pleasure working with TEAMWRKX.

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