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Good work engenders good deeds.

We’re dedicated to creating opportunities. This ethos starts with our company, extends to our construction clients and partners, and takes its fullest form in our non-profit efforts: Generations for Humanity, the Rossinca Heritage School, and Hoops 2 Dreams.

Our job is maintaining and servicing buildings but our calling is building communities. We strive to achieve this by drawing on our core values to create a virtual cycle in which good work engenders good deeds, and good deeds change the world for the better.

Explore Our Non-profits
Our Nonprofits
The Rainbow Star Is Our Guide

Generations for Humanity is our umbrella entity, fostering interconnectedness throughout our global community.

Our symbol depicts our mission. The rainbow star is at its center, in our hearts and in all we do, no matter where we are — with love and light.

There are five components that circulate around the rainbow star:

Our for-profit industries (“Real Estate and Construction” and “Import & Export”) serve as the source of revenue. They are the two arms that reach out into the world, gathering resources to sustain our collective purpose.

From that which we gather, we give back, upholding our core values: “Wellspan” (living well for a long lifespan) and “Education” (not just life’s knowledge, but even more fundamentally: understanding the questions that matter to us as individuals).

All of this effort feeds our “Spiritual Life,” for we believe that when you are enabled to live well, healthy, and informed for a long time, you are most likely to reach your own definition of enlightenment. Only you can define what your spiritual life comprises, though of course all of us can support you and help you get there.

To learn more about our nonprofits:

Natasha Venzon
Ty Venzon
Vice President

Rossinca Heritage School is a cultural and educational center for Russian-speaking families in the Silicon Valley area. Our goal is to create a Russian-speaking educational community for children and their parents. We are committed to helping children to not only fluently speak Russian Language, being able to read and write, but also to learn about the culture of Russian-speaking countries: their history, literature, music, folklore, traditions, and customs. We hope to see the children develop a lifelong love of Slavic cultures and to pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

Hoops2Dreams is a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking social justice for under-provisioned children in Panama who have restricted access to education or sports. Shoes, clothing, school books and supplies are extremely limited in the communities we serve.

Through the Hoops2Dreams basketball program, the children learn essential life skills, such as teamwork, goal setting, comradery, patience, persistence, self-actualization and how to respond positively to setback and failures in life.