TEAMWRKX Facilities (“TXF”) provides end-to-end, best-in-class facility services across all commercial types and industries. We offer a menu of customized service plans from on-call T&M to monthly preventive maintenance or full-service outsourcing “bundled service” agreements that can be tailored to individual client needs. Not all buildings are the same and each have unique needs!

All of our programs consider safety and risk management as our first priority following current industry Green LEED initiatives that include energy efficiencies, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), waste recycle programs and reducing the carbon footprint wherever possible.

Construction to Cleaning, TEAMWRKX Facilities services includes Building Repairs, Lease Restoration & Decommissioning, Janitorial Services Green Cleaning, Project Management, Property Condition Assessments, Stationary Building Engineers, and Web-Based Work Order Management.

Building Owners, Facility Managers and Property Managers partner with TEAMWRKX Facilities to handle almost any type of minor to major building repair from replacing a ballast to snaking a backed-up toilet with on-call support 24/7/365. From Construction to Cleaning, our highly skilled route or mobile journeyman technicians work in getting your building back up and running reducing costly downtime! Typical services we provide are:

Broken Glass Board-Up
Ceiling Tiles
Debris Hauling
Flat Screen TV Installation
Lighting Replacement & Ballast
Temporary Labor
Tenant Lease Restoration
Water Heaters

Need a proposal or need to learn more about our Building Repair services? Contact Timothy Talaugon.

In today’s current real estate economy building closures are common place. TEAMWRKX offers decommissioning services for the following industries:

Commercial Building Owners
Real Estate Brokers
Property Managers
Our services include:

Interior Demolition and Renovation
Commercial and Industrial Plant and Equipment Relocation Services
Equipment Dismantling and Salvage
Plant and Facility Closure Services
Project Management
Vendor Coordination
Contingency and Emergency Response Planning

Please contact Timothy Talaugon for a quote.

TEAMWRKX Facilities can provide contract janitorial services for commercial, industrial and technology clients. We are experts in all phases of janitorial and building maintenance and our services include:

Janitorial Services
Restroom Sanitation
Porter Services
Window Washing
Floor and Carpet Cleaning
Clean Room & Controlled Environments
Pressure Washing
Green Cleaning
Paper Supplies
Recycle Programs
Construction Clean-up

Our uniformed employees and vendors are thoroughly screened and trained and are dedicated on delivering quality service on a consistent basis, 7 x weekly and 365 days a year.

Let us help you maintain and manage your building assets so you can do what you do best – growing your business and profits. Our expert contract building engineers and maintenance technicians provide an outsourcing alternative for customers who rather concentrate on their core business, instead of worrying if their building is running properly. Our teammates become your partners in your maintenance and operation plan, adapting to your business culture and mission. We handle all of the training, safety, payroll, insurance, and manage the service delivery outcome insuring exceptional quality service. We can deliver contract maintenance staff for:

Chief Building Engineer
Stationary Engineer
Route Engineer
Maintenance Porters
Temporary Maintenance Labor

Let TEAMWKRX Facilities leverage our expertise with your maintenance objectives to save you time, resources and money.

Commercial building owners, real estate brokers, facility managers and property manager partners rely on TEAMWRKX to provide reliable property condition assessments for potential building purchases. Our inspection services described below adhere to the methods and standards describe by ASTM Standard E2018-01 for Property Condition Assessments.

Inspections – include a narrative accompanied with relevant photos of the property illustrating the conditions reviewed in the report.

Risk Exposure Review – comprehensive look at the facility’s exposure to physical risks including developing a business continuity and risk mitigation, disaster response, recovery and remediation service plans

Project Management – as an independent 3rd party, we provide project management services. We guide your project through design, bidding, plan check, permitting, construction, inspection and move-in

Reporting – a concise and thorough written report within a mutually approved time schedule

Like our property condition service program, we can also provide in conjunction property risk assessments. Modern threats like terrorist attacks, economic unrest, environmental issues, fire, vandalism or other disasters are common risks to properties. Working together with specialists, TEAMWRKX can provide a comprehensive look at the facility’s exposure to these risks and develop business continuity and risk mitigation plans. We also provides disaster response, recovery and remediation support to get your business back in business quickly.

Our processes are based on best practices and standards for Risk Assessment. Our risk assessments will help you to comply with various regulations and standards. Risk Assessment is conducted based on following types of disasters:

Weather / Nature related:
Flood / Flash Flood
Hurricanes / Tropical Storms
Severe Thunderstorms
Winter Storms
Facility / Human Factors Related
Bomb Threat
Chemical Spills
Civil Disturbance
Economic Influences
Electrical Failure
HVAC Failure
Life Safety
Terrorist Attacks
Water Leaks
Work Stoppage / Strikes
Technology Related
Human Error
Loss of Telecommunications
Data Center Outage
Loss of Network Services
Power Failure
Prolonged Equipment Outage
UPS / Generator Loss

TEAMWRKX can provide risk assessments for commercial building owners, real estate brokers, and property managers including Healthcare organizations, IT departments, technology, biotechnology, financial, legal, and educational industries and others. Please contact Timothy Talaugon for a quote.

The tracking of day-to-day facility service calls and accounting for all the labor and material for each service call can be a challenge. This can be especially true if there are multiple buildings that are considered separate expenses and assets. To streamline work order management process, all service transactions between TEAMWRKX and our client are tracked by a user friendly, robust web based work order systems. Clients have the ability to securely access a request or we can do it for you. The request automatically connects with our service technicians in the field on hand-held mobile devices for quick response. At a minimum, our system provides:

Online service requests
Preventive Maintenance
Comprehensive Management Reports
Rapid Deployment
No Software to install or support
Blackberry and PDA Ready
Accessible anywhere 24 /7
Detailed Management Reports

For more information please contact Timothy Talaugon.

Many of today buildings are still using archaic lighting systems that are not only energy inefficient, but also costly to operate. Our lighting replacement and energy management services provides expertise in helping customers identify the right lighting upgrade and technology for their facility and helping obtain any energy rebates from local utility or city municipalities. Our services include:

Interior Re-lamping and fixture cleaning
Design, installation and maintenance interior lighting
Lighting control systems
Lighting fixture disposal and recycling
Ballast replacement
Utility rebate assistance
Emergency repairs and service calls
Uniformed and insured technicians
Maintenance agreements

We are also happy to change a single light bulb or handle small lighting maintenance projects too!